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Beautyforever Helps You to Get Amazing Hair

We all want to have beautiful hair with lots of volume like the models from the magazines front cover or the celebrities that we see walking on the red carpet. Also, we all know that this is a though thing to achieve, especially if you don't have naturally thick hair. On the other hand, I have very thick hair that has lots of volume and it's also curly in it's natural form, but right now it's of medium length and I would love for it to be longer as it once were in the past. So, some of us want volume, some want length, some want both! And how can we achieve this goal of ours? By using deep wave hair from Beautyforever! 

Where to Find Fabulous Jewelry at Amazing Prices

Do you like jewelry? I'm sure you do! Who doesn't?! 
I, for example, have a huge collection of accessories, starting with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches and going all the way to hair accessories. I just love jewels so much, especially those that have many crystals. I also love to find new accessories at affordable prices. We all know how difficult it is to find beautiful jewelry for a good price. 

Fabulous Prom Dresses

In less then two weeks there will start the prom season and everyone will be searching for the IT dress. And I know it's a struggle. To go in stores and find the same models over and over again it's not really what you've dreamed of. But, I'm here to help you. I've found a site with amazing prom dresses and I thought I ought to tell you about it, it's called Aisle Style.

TRIND Cosmetics, acum și în România!

Brandul olandez TRIND, care a devenit lider mondial în domeniul nail care datorită produselor dedicate îngrijirii eficiente și delicate a unghiilor, se lansează acum și în România. Cu o experiență de peste 25 de ani în nail care, TRIND s-a remarcat la nivel internațional în peste 30 de țări, fiind specialistul în unghii sănătoase a milioane de oameni de pretutindeni.

3 metode pe care le folosesc pentru a combate stresul

3 metode pe care le folosesc pentru a combate stresul, magneziu cu vitamina B6 de la Solgar

În prezent stresul este o componentă majoră a vieţilor noastre. Din nefericire, epoca în care trăim este una foarte stresantă, iar vremurile de altă dată care păreau a fi mult mai relaxante parcă au dispărut. Dar asta nu înseamnă că trebuie să lăsăm stresul să învingă! Există numeroase metode prin care îl putem alunga din viaţa noastră şi ne putem relaxa şi bucura mai uşor de activităţile zilnice. 

Care sunt cele 3 metode care mă ajută pe mine să mă relaxez mai uşor şi să scap de stres?

Classy in Red

adina nanes vision on fashion
Dress / Rochie - Banggood (here/aici) | Shoes / Pantofi - Zara | Bag / Geantă - Parfois

[RO]: V-am spus deja că roşul este culoarea mea pentru această primăvară, aşa că vreau să îmi întăresc această afirmaţie printr-o nouă ţinută! Şi acum port tot o rochie roşie, numai că este una clasică realizată din dantelă. Este o piesă ce nu se va demoda niciodată, ce este esenţială pentru garderoba fiecărei femei. 

How to Chose Your Prom Dress

Dresses are the focus point in today's post, so I'm going to talk a little bit about some special dresses, to be exactly about prom dresses from And I’m also going to give you some tips on how to get the right dress at a great price.

4 Tips on How to Pick Your Mother of the Bride Dress

I know I've written a lot of articles about the perfect wedding dress or how the bridesmaids dresses should look like and I thought it was about time to change the topic a little bit. Why not an article about the third most important person from a wedding after the bride and the groom, the mother of the bride.

I'm sure that the mother of the bride is almost as stressed and worried about how her dress should look like as her daughter, the bride, is too. Everyone will look at the mother of the bride and will notice how she is dressed and how her makeup or hair are done. And this article is coming to help those of you who are to become mothers of the bride in your search of beautiful and elegant mother of the bride dresses.

Wardrobe Essentials: The Embroidered Jeans

ripped jeans with embroidery
Leather jacket / Jachetă de piele - Dresslily | Boyfriend jeans / Blugi boyfriend - | Top / Top - Mango | Shoes / Pantofi - Zara

[EN]: This spring is all about embroidered clothes and accessories, from tops, to jackets, to jeans and shoes. It's a must to own at least one piece that has some sort of embroidery on it. I've added a few items with embroideries on them to my wardrobe by now, some that you've already seen: like my two leather jackets and the beautiful shirt from a few posts ago.

All About Inflatable Water Balls and Inflatable Water Seesaws

I think all of us need to have fun and relax, regardless of the age. Each person likes to do fun activities with friends or family. But an important thing it's not to repeat over and over again the same activity and to do diverse fun things. Some of us like playing tennis, soccer, volley ball or other team games that need more players. But, extremely fun games are those involving inflatable items. And because the temperatures are higher by the day and there are only two months left until summer season, today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about some really cool activities that you can do on warmer days and that are super exciting: play a bubble ball game or ride a water seesaw!

Rochii de dama cu imprimeu floral

Sezonul primavara-vara este, de departe, cea mai indragita perioada a anului de catre majoritatea femeilor - scapam de hainele groase si putem sa stralucim in toata splendoarea noastra in cele mai chic si inventive tinute posibile. Desigur, nu este nevoie sa amintim ca fiecare dintre noi avem o pasiune speciala pentru rochiile de dama, pe care abia asteptam sa le punem in evidenta prin cele mai spectaculoase accesorii. Ca in fiecare an, imprimeurile florale sunt super in trend si sunt valorificate la maxim in diferite forme, fie ele printuri, broderii, aplicatii 3D, aplicatii obisnuite sau chiar motive stilizate, ca de exemplu cele ale campiilor cu flori.

Am descoperit recent magazinul online HainedeVis, care propune haine create pe plaiurile noastre mioritice, din materiale de calitate superioara si cu modele super la moda! Iata ce rochii de dama mi-au atras atentia si cum imi propun sa le port astfel incat sa arat absolut fabulos!

The Vintage Looking Little Black Dress

all black fancy outfit
Dress / Rochie - Sammydress (here/aici) | Shoes / Pantofi - Asos | Bag / Geanta - here/aici | Earrings / Cercei - here/aici
[EN]: Have I ever told you how important is a little black dress for your wardrobe? I'm sure I did! But I'm going to repeat myself anyway. 

NESCAFÉ lansează PICCOLINO - prima cafea 3 în 1 scurtă

Pe 17 martie 2017, NESCAFÉ a lansat pe piața din România NESCAFÉ 3 in1 PICCOLINO în cadrul unui eveniment special ce a avut loc în cadrul restaurantului Loft. Am avut ocazia să fiu prezentă la eveniment și să mă bucur în premieră de noua cafea 3 în 1, care este de-a dreptul delicioasă! Vă sfătuiesc să o căutați în magazine și să o încercați, deoarece nu veți fi dezamăgiți.

PICCOLINO este un produs inovator pentru gama 3 in 1: prima cafea 3 in 1 scurtă, o experiență la superlativ a cafelei 3 in 1.

Long Cocktail Dresses From

bodenlange fallen a - line umfasst alle größen bundfalten hochzeitsfeier natürlichen schulterfreien kleid

Women love to shop, that's a fact well known by everyone. And shopping beautiful dresses is what we love the most. And truthfully, the fanciest the dress, the more happy we are. We love exquisite dresses that look expensive and have an unique model that you can't find at someone else, because we like to have the spot on us. And, to be honest, who doesn't?!

Boyfriend Jeans And Embroidered Shirt

spring outfit boyfriend jeans and striped shirt
Shirt / Cămașă - Zaful (here/aici) | Boyfriend jeans / Blugi boyfriend - H&M | Shoes / Pantofi - Bershka | Bag / Geantă - Sammydress (here/aici)

[EN]: I love wearing boyfriend jeans, mostly because I find them super comfortable and very cool looking when rolled up. And I adore this pair that I barely managed to find at H&M. It's so difficult to find boyfriend jeans without any rips! 

We Want Them All

I know that one huge weakness of us women is to buy beautiful things, especially fabulous dresses. We never have enough clothes, enough dresses or shoes and of course we never stop at one of these items, we always want more.

Spring Warm Outfit: the Grey Sweater

pulover gri supradimensionat
 Sweater / Pulover - Zaful (here/aici) | Jeans/Blugi - Zara | Shoe boots / Ghete - Amiclubwear (here/aici) | Bag / Geantă - Pull & Bear | Beannie / Căciulă - Zaful (here/aici)

[EN]: I'm so happy that the winter is gone now and I can start slowly to wear dresses, tops and shoes that are perfect for spring. But it's not quite the time to put back into our closets the big sweaters and the shoe boots. Why? Well, because they will come in hand during the colder spring days.

Cum este noua spumă de duș de la Nivea - Silk Mousse

cum este noua spuma de dus de la Nivea Silk Mousse

Astăzi am să vă vorbesc puțin despre noua spumă de duș lansată recent de către Nivea - Silk Mousse și ce impresii mi-a lăsat în urma testării produsului. 

Accessories Essentials: the Watch from The 5TH

the red bag
Top / Top - H&M | Skirt / Fusta - Zara | Bag / Geanta - Zaful (here/aici) | Watch / Ceas - The 5TH (here/aici) | Shoe boots / Botine - H&M

[EN]: I've always said that accessories are very important in an outfit. They can make it or break it, even if it's a fantastic look. For example, you can never wear a watch with an evening dress. But you can wear it with casual outfits, with business clothes or even with a summer dress. 

The Last Day of Winter

vision on fashion adina nanes
Faux fur coat/Haină din blană artificială - Here/Aici | Jeans/Blugi - Zara | Sweater/Pulover - Here/Aici | Shoe boots/Botine - H&M | Bag/Geantă - Aldo

[EN]: Today is the last day of winter and probably this is one of my last winter outfits. The weather is pretty much on it's track and the sunny days are back! So, it's time to put back the thick clothes and start wearing light colours and thin fabrics!

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