Wholesale Wedding Dresses from Suzhou? Presenting Jusere

The wedding dress market is a lucrative market, especially in regards of purchasing wedding dresses from China and turn around to sell. But finding a suitable wedding dress factory to cooperate with is not easy. There are so many things you should consider before starting an overseas business, and in general, you have to communicate with some factories. Why should you cooperate with the manufacturers? Because different quality from different factories and different factories are good at different products, some factories are good at complicated wedding dress, but other factories will prefer the simple style. For buyers, it is an important topic when they select suitable manufacturers.

Jusere Fashion Show 2016
We all know the main Chinese wedding dress bases are Suzhou and Guangzhou. Guangzhou is famous for producing brand of clothing and electronic products. However, in recent years, more people choose wholesale wedding dress from Suzhou Tiger Hill market instead of Guangzhou. Suzhou is China's famous tourist city. The wedding dress industry in Suzhou has began in the 80s and after more than 30 years of development it has become China's largest wedding dress production base. Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd is the Suzhou's biggest and most iconic wedding dresses manufacturers. Different from other Suzhou manufacturers, Jusere has its own designer team and the largest showroom in Suzhou, as well as two large stores with a large number of wedding gowns stock. For some buyers who need stocks, no doubt it is certainly good news, because most of the time you must buy stocks from wholesalers, because very few manufacturers have their own big stocks.

Why do I recommend Jusere? Here are some reasons for different customers.

For designers: Although there are more than 1000 manufacturers in Suzhou, most of them are smaller factories. There are less manufacturers who have the ability to produce higher-quality wedding and evening dresses, especially produced according to sketches. But Jusere is able to do that, because of it has its own team of designers and full experience. Except for the quality, designers are more concerned with their design being imitated and copied by the factory. But if you choose Jusere, you won't worry about this thing, because Jusere will sign confidentiality agreements with designers to ensure the inviolability of the property rights.

For retailers: Usually most manufacturers especially in Guangzhou have a limitation of MOQ (10 pieces or more). If your quantity doesn’t reach the MOQ, they are unable to cooperate with you, not to mention the custom-made wedding dresses. But Jusere has no MOQ and provides customized services for designers to produce satisfactory products. Also, Jusere production time is much shorter than others, only 1 or 2 months needed to finish the production.

For rental shops: Usually rental shops are more interested in stock products, especially in the latest fashion styles. But most of the factories have no stocks and their own design ability is limited. So it is hard for them to meet the rental shops’ needs. What about Jusere? Jusere has a large stock of wedding and evening dresses and they own a professional team of designers, so every season they will release lots of new styles. Without doubt, Jusere can fully meet the rental shops’ requirements and provide very affordable prices.

For wedding studios: Most of the wedding studio customers are from China and Southeast Asia, so they need more Oriental wedding dress, especially some Oriental flavor wedding dresses such as cheongsam, dragon & phoenix dress etc. In China, the wedding studio is the one of the most important cooperation partners of Jusere. So every quarter, Jusere will design wedding dresses especially for the wedding Studio customers, not only European-style wedding dresses, but also Chinese cheongsam, dragon and phoenix dresses etc. So, for wedding studio clients, Jusere offers more advantages.

Through above introduction, I believe you must have a preliminary understanding of Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd., so if you want to purchase wedding dresses from China, you can visit their factory and showroom. As the old sayings said: seeing is believing. The professional workers and the high quality products will make a strong impression on you.

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