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It's full prom season and everyone is searching for the IT dress. And I know it's a struggle. To go in stores and find the same models over and over again it's not really what you've dreamed of. But, I'm here to help you. I've found a site with amazing prom dresses and I thought to tell you about it, it's called Winniedress.

Online you can find many prom dresses and unique models, so it's a better choice than to go around stores. Also in physical stores the dresses are always more expensive. You can easily find prom dresses under 200 dollars in online stores and in the colour and length that you wish for. 

The trend right now are the two piece prom dresses. They look fabulously, especially the ones that have the top embellished with beautiful stones. And the great thing about these prom dresses is that you can wear the crop top with a different skirt and the skirt with another top. So with one dress, you can have three different outfits if you combine the two pieces with other items from your wardrobe. Isn't that great?

I would definitely buy my dress online if I were to go to a prom or a party and I will tell you a secret! All my dresses are bought online, because then I'm sure other people won't have my dress! So keep this in mind!

I've selected some really beautiful two pieces prom dresses to show you!


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