Must Haves For Summer - Swimsuits and Flat Sandals from Tidestore

Only one week and the summer season will start. I'm sure all of you are thinking of the holidays at the sea side or at the mountains. But today's post is all about the beach, the sea, the sun and the heath. 

When you are going in a holiday at the sea side it's best that you take with you more than one bathing suit, because you can mix the pieces between them and you will look fresh and fashionable every day. You don't have to invest a lot in your resort wardrobe. You can find many cheap swimsuits online now. Plus, when shopping online you are saving important time and you can also find many more cheap swimsuits here:

To complete your look you also need some really fashionable sandals. I will advise you to wear flat sandals to your swimsuits and when going to the beach. It's way more practical to wear comfortable shoes when you are walking on sand. I would suggest you to pick a pair of fancy sandals with some stones or nice embellishments, just to have a statement piece in your swimwear outfit. You can find more flat sandals here:  

Shortly, you need to buy two or more swimsuits and definitely two pairs of chic flat sandals and all you can find at Tidestore (

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  1. super cool bikini's
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  2. Awesome collection of swimsuits and summer sandals. I love all of them . Thanks!!
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