Fashion Bazar

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About 3 weeks ago I went to a fashion & vintage fair, Fashion Bazar, and took some photos of the stuff that was exibited there! I didn't really had time to select the photos so this post came a bit late compared to the time that the fair took place. Mostly you'll be seeing photos of accessories (vintage ones, tones of cameos which I absolutely love) and some funny t-shirts. Hope you'll like them!

In urma cu 3 saptamani am fost la un targ de vintage si moda, Fashion Bazar, si am facut poze la ceea ce expozantii prezentau! Nu am avut timp sa selectez si sa aranjez pozele si de aceea acest post a venit un pic cam tarziu comparativ cu ziua in care targul a avut loc. In mare veti vedea imagini cu accesorii (majoritatea vintage, o groaza de dame cu camelii, pe care eu le ador) si niste tricouri cu imprimeu foarte funny. Sper sa va placa!

                                                           Until my next post!



  1. Great pics Adina, there so many nice pieces!

  2. I'm glad you like them Maya! It was a nice fair! kisses

  3. Wow, so cool, the pieces are beautiful.

    You have a lovely blog, Adina, maybe we could follow each other?


    1. Yes, especially the cameo ones (big obsession with those :D)!

  4. Wow I wish I had been there ! I loved all the vintage jewellry stalls. The pictures you took were so clear and sharp. I really appreciate that you took the time to take so many pictures and post them so that it gives a real feel as to how diverse and interesting the market was. Thank you for posting this blog

    1. I'm really happy that you like the photos! I usually take as many photos as I can at these fairs and then I enhance them a bit in photoshop to make the jewellery pop :D That's why I'm always late with my posts! :D


  5. Great post!!

    Wow these pictures are great !!

    I'm still not done staring at the rings :)



  6. great photos
    I invite you to me


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